G1 Joins the Hub; Cast Additions to TF:Prime!

{mosimage} Here's a double dip of Hasbro/Discovery's The Hub news!  First up, old-school fans will be excited to hear that the original, Transformers: Generation 1, will be airing on The Hub, alongside other classics such as  G.I. Joe – A Real American Hero!  Read that press release here!   A second press release (available here), announces additions to the Transformers: Prime cast!  Among legends Peter Cullen and Frank Welker are Gina Torres ("Firefly"'s Zoe Washburn), James Remer (Harry Morgan, "Dexter"), Josh Keaton (Spiderman, "Spectacular Spiderman):, Kevin Michael Richardson (Joker, "The Batman", Rampage from ROTF) and Markie Post (Christine Sullivan, "Night Court").  Sounds like an all star cast!  Discuss this news on our boards!


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