Another ‘Transformers 3’ Catch-All

{mosimage}Transformers 3 news! Geccher Transformers 3 news! As the film crew continue filming in Chicago, here's several updates!

There will be detours set up for the bus routes due to the street closures, courtesy of Chicago Breaking News and the list seen at the Chicago Transit Authority's page.

Next are photos courtesy of ChicageauxTiger of TFW, taken at the old Post Office building that has it standing in for a Department of Health and Human Services building, apparently housing N.E.S.T. operations in the film. At the Wells Street Bridge, a red Chevrolet Silverado was seen during a filming sequence, although neither Autobot or Decepticon symbol is spotted, so its presence is up in the air.

Looks like there's a newcomer into the human cast. According to, actor Randy Steinmeyer will be joining in as well, although where and when is yet to be determined.

From Sideshow Collectibles and seen at San Diego Comic-Con 2010, they'll be taking pre-orders for the Optimus Prime maquette, on August 26, that features the pair of swords and blasters that Optimus used in Revenge of the Fallen.

Lastly, two videos, one from CHIRADIO and another from YouTube user billyripkin, of filming on Lake and Walbash showing the action amidst the piles of rubble alongside wires and explosions.

Take a look of the videos at YouTube here and here, read about Steinmeyer's possible appearance here, and don't forget to sound off at our movie forum!

EDIT: In short, the TF3 crew might be hanging around Chicago for another week. Read the details at TF LAM.