Animated Japan: Volume 4 DVD and Subbed 2nd Opening

{mosimage}Double your Animated news from Japan! First up is Paramount Japan updating their site on the release date and episodes for the volume 4 DVD! "Rein in the Headmaster!" ("Headmaster"), "The Space Monster That Invokes Death!" (or "The Space Monster Called Death!", from "Nature Calls", which never aired in Japan), "Megatron's Resurrection" Parts 1 and 2 ("Megatron Rising" Parts 1 and 2). Release date is scheduled for November 5, 2010, and retailing for 3129 yen (roughly $36 USD).

Second, fansub group TV-Nihon has released the second opening to Animated, featuring the second half of JAM Project's "TRANSFORMERS EVO." and a bit of new animation!

Head to Paramount Japan to see the listing, and TV-Nihon's tracker on the opening.