Toy Images: Animated Wreck-Gar & Megatron, Movie-based Figures

{mosimage}Pictures, pictures, pictures! Takara and Hunt for the Decepticons! First, loose images of Takara's ROTF Elita-1, Animated Wreck-Gar, alongside Hailstorm, and "Starscream's Assault" Starscream courtesy of GenZhao at KO Toys! Secondly, Alfes2010 has updated with photos of Animated TF-26 Megatron from Japan's side!

Check the entire list of photos out regarding Elita-1, Wreck-Gar, Hailstorm (needs to be a member to see), and Starscream at KO Toys, and sound off here! Head to Alfes' gallery to see Megatron and then voice out here!