“TF3”: Photos Maybe Hinting Plot, Videos of Cars

{mosimage}While the maestro of explosions Michael Bay, cast, and crew alike are keeping the story of Transformers 3 mum, set photos from Chicago may give a few hints. Graffiti that was first spotted back in Los Angeles weeks ago, once again shows up in Chicago that may hint how the humans in this film perceive the Autobots. Secondly, a variety of videos in regards to the filming. One in particular showing Sideswipe's Corvette mode that seemed to have caught on fire, which apparently wasn't part of that particular shot, since crew members immediately rush in with fire extinguishers! And CBS2 Chicago was able to catch up with Patrick Dempsey on set for a few words of him working on TF3.

Watch the CBS2 video with Patrick Dempsey, Sideswipe apparently catching fire , set photos with the "go home" and other videos at Seibertron, and talk about it here!

Sideswipe on fire?!

Patrick Dempsey