“TF3”: Filming Peeks at Chicago and Los Angeles

{mosimage}Transformers 3 filming updates! From Chicago, there's going to be a sky diving stunt that's going to occur near Lake Shore East Park, near North Columbus Drive, and it's currently scheduled for July 11th from 7am to 10am, July 10 if the weather doesn't cooperate. Also, set photos that include craters near a office complex, possibly tying in with the tilting office set that was seen at Playa Vista, California. Speaking of the tilting office set, YouTube user slaveboyfilms has posted up a video where filming took place at night and you can hear one of the actors yelling. In addition, France-based Premiere and On Location News have photos of Shia LaBeouf and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley on a set in Los Angeles, Shia in a simple suit sans jacket while Rosie in casual clothes with an apron.

Check out the crater photos at Chicago courtesy of Aint It Cool News, the tilting office set at YouTube, LA set photos from Premiere and OLN, and sky diving details at TF LAM blog. Sound off at our discussion thread!