TF3 Chicago Filming Day 1 Roundup

{mosimage} So many pics and reports hit the web today, it was hard to keep up!  Here's a summary of the most important pics and news that hit today.

  • A HUGE chase scene was filmed in downtown Chicago, featuring a number of Autobots chasing some Decepticons.  There were explosions involved.
  • Optimus Prime has a trailer – a G1 looking trailer at that!
  • Virtually all the Autobots were involved in this chase.  Besides Prime, Bumblebee, Ratchet, Ironhide, Sideswipe, the Twins, the Red Ferrari and a mysterious new Dark Blue Mercedes were all photographed on the set, and most of them in the chase.
  • The Decepticons consisted of three Nascar vehicles.  However, they were either modified, in a form of partial transformation, or deploying weapons, as all of them were scary looking and armed to the teeth.  Video evidence shows they were the ones being pursued.  For now, we'll call them Stunticons!
  • Most of the cast was there.  Tyrese and Shia were both photographed on-set.  Also on set were a squad of NEST operative extras, sporting a new NEST logo.
  • Lots of carnage and bayhem – set pieces included destroyed concrete, damaged buildings, smashed cars and more.

To get a look at the best images and videos from the day and discuss them, click here!  Special credit goes to TFW's Jimmy88 and 245AM who took some of the best images.