TakaraTomy Website Updated | Dengeki Hobby Sept. 2010 Scans

{mosimage}TakaraTomy has updated their website with new pages for next month's Transformers Animated releases of Cybertron Optimus VS Megatron, Rodimus , Samurai Prowl, Sunstorm, Swindle, and Waspinator.  They've also added an entry for Predaking on the Welcome To 2010 page as well as information concerning the Henkei Sons of Cybertron set at Chara Hobby.

Also, scans from the new Dengeki Hobby September issue are showing up, with images of the aforementioned Animated Figures, Primus, Predaking, Buzz Lightyear Monochrome Edition, the Masterpiece Rodimus Prime concept sketch, and the EZ Collection Exclusive Animated Starscream Clones.

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