Sega’s Animated Arcade Games Site Up

{mosimage}Sega has put up the main site for their arcade games "Transformers Animated: The Shooting" and "The Chase"! The card system is similar to the Carddass and Ganbaride machines for Bandai's Super Sentai and Kamen Rider franchise, where the machine scans a barcode on collectible cards.Other than the usual cards with the regular Transformers, there's additional variations, such as Super Sonic Blurr, Chromia based off of Arcee, a pink Blackarachnia labeled as "Elita-1 ver.", plus non-Animated TFs such as Cybertron Grimlock (MP Grimlock) and Destron Thundercracker (MP Thundercracker).

Check out the main page at Sega and then talk your thoughts out here! Credit: Razorsaw