SDCC 2010: “Prime” Prime Towers Over Comic-Con

{mosimage} The Optimus Prime that will lead the Autobots in "Transformers: Prime" this fall on the new Hub television network has just had his big public reveal–and "big" is the operative word. A giant statue of the new-yet-familiar Autobot commander has been unveiled outside the San Diego Convention Center, home of Comic-Con 2010. Unlike the Bumblebee we've seen in previous press materials, Optimus doesn't seem to be a stylized version of his movie design, but sports a new look that better resembles his Animated or even G1 incarnations. He also appears to have borrowed some chest-mounted television screens from the Teletubbies.

A photo of the mighty robot, next to a puny human, was snapped and posted on yfrog by Twitter user Soundwarp. We've duplicated the image in our SDCC gallery here. Discuss in our ongoing Comic-Con news thread!