SDCC 2010: Hasbro Transformers Panel Recap

{mosimage} The Hasbro Transformers panel at SDCC has come and gone. What did we learn from it? Take a look!

War for Cybertron
WfC DLC 7/27
– More characters (5, exclusives, Scattorshot and Onslaught)
– 2 maps about Coop and 2 on Escalation
No new WfC for now
Exodus (usual expansive relationship between OP and Megs) Builds new continuity, and new story

Hunt for the Decepticons
Specially marked packages (Gold Package/HftD) have coordinate code, go to to  play > "Call to Duty!" > Autobot Elite Guard > Interactive games > Bot Guard Certification

Fall 2010

Legends (Ravage, Rampage, Long Haul ROTF)
Scout (Hubcap, Insecticon, Breacher – inspired by hovercraft scene in film, can go into Seaspray)

Deluxe (Ironhide, price point never done; Battle Blade Bee (NEW MOLD); Sidearm Sideswipe; Hailstorm cannons on shoulder so not to worry dropping weapons; Tomahawk an Apache; Terradive)
Voyager (Sea Spray, Breacher can fit in back, 3mm system; Battle Blade Optimus; Highbrow,  old school WWII plane )
Leader (Starscream)
Battle Ops Bee
HA Jazz and Lennox

Drift (not based on an heritage character)

Power Core Combiner
Huffer + Caliburst (rule the road)
Smolder + Chopster (firetruck villain)
Searchlight + Backwind
Icepick + Chainclaw (Eric likes snowboarding and admires the snow grooming machines)
Leadfoot + Pinpoint (F1 racer)

Bombshock/Combaticons (NOT intended to replace Bruticus; learning ropes of Combiner) ARMIES of the gestalts; scratching surface
Skyburst/Aerialbots (dealing with odd shapes like odd or 2D)
Crankcase/Destrons (homage to Takara)

2010 exclusives
Constructicon Devastator (green homage to G1) -TRU
Masterpiece Grimlock -TRU
Bombing Run – Bumblebee vs Grindor -Walmart
Desert Ruins Brawl – Brawl vs Jolt -Walmart
Hunters Rumble – Sideswipe vs Barricade (Asian police cars on inspiration, Cybertronian deco on Swipe) -Target
High-speed Spy Battle – Skids & Mudflap vs Sideways -Target

Stealth Force
Battle with weaponry while in vehicle mode was inspiration


Zeta Prime and Deadend back in WfC? Tieger can't talk specifics

Masterpieces? It's TakaraTomy, but it's really partnership. There's been discussion on smaller scale. So far nothing off  board, but they have to consider how to make it different in the future.

In response to a question on a possible WfC sequel, G1 followup, and criticism on the game (like lack of ammo),  all they had to say "wait and see". Although they would LOVE to make another TF game. As far as ammo was concerned, it never came up as an issue, continuing to look at that and patch is possible.

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