New Transformers 2 Packs!

{mosimage}Shown along side the 1986 style Classics 3 Pack of Galvatron, Cyclonus, and Rodimus are 3 new Transformers (2010) 2 packs.  Rotorwash Rumble features:  Arcee (who looks almost if not exactly like Takara Tomy's Elita-1) and Tailwhip (a redeco of Evac).  Hunters Rumble:  featuring Sideswipe (with light blue highlights) and Barricade (sporting the Chinese police car motif spotted on a test shot about a week ago).  High Speed Spy Battle:  featuring Ice Cream Truck Skids & Mudflap (featuring even more rusted paint scheme than their previous release) and Sideways (with a more screen accurate robot mode paint job).  No word yet on how and when these will be available.

You can view the original post here, and discuss the news on our forums.  Thanks to BassX0 for the news.