New Masterpiece Rodimus Prime Images!

{mosimage}Though we got a glimpse of him yesterday, TFW2005 member yizhi251 has uploaded new images of the upcoming Masterpiece Rodimus Convoy (Rodimus Prime) figure!  These images give us a detailed look at the prototype of Rodimus, showing all his details.  Of interest to those Hot Rodimus (Hot Rod) fans is that he appears that he might have a reversible face like MP Starscream, to reveal a Hot Rodimus face perhaps?!  Also his gun looks to be composed of two separate guns that bear a strong resemblance to Hot Rodimus', he also has tires unrelated to Rodimus Convoy's truck mode in his legs, and several folded up parts on his back resembling Hot Rodimus' car mode.  All of these details indicate he might double as both Rodimus Convoy & Hot Rodimus! 

You can view the images at TFW2005, and discuss the news on our boards.  Thanks to C16 for the news.