New Generations, Power Core Combiners, and Transformers (2010) Figures Shown!

{mosimage}Seems the fans at Cybertron Con China were in for a treat today, as Hasbro representatives showed them images unseen by most.  The images were of upcoming Generations, Power Core Combiner, and Transformers (2010) figures shown previously at BotCon.  While these are mostly the same figures shown at BotCon 2010, these images are different as they are actual Hasbro publicity photos of the figures rather than mockup digitally colored images shown at BotCon 2010.  Among the figures shown were Generations Jazz, Scourge, Thunderwing, Tracks, Perceptor, and Windcharger, Power Core Combiner Dinobots and Constructicons, and Transformers (2010) Lugnut and Grapple.  Also shown among the Generations Legends Megatron, Optimus, and Starscream is a previously announced redeco (or retool?) of Universe Legends Bumblebee as Goldbug (dubbed Gold Bumblebee)!

You can view the images at TFW2005 and at ACToysYou can discuss the news on our forums.  Thanks to Bass X0 for the news.