New Figure King No. 150 Scans!

{mosimage}Thanks to we now have high quality scans of Figure King No. 150 magazine.  This issue features images of the upcoming Transformers Animated Rodimus, Sunstorm, Swindle, and Samurai Prowl due out at the end of August.  It also has some information about the 2010 Celebration line, showing the 2010 reissue Predaking, the Predacons, the box art for Predaking.  Speaking of 2010 the magazine contains some information about the Masterpiece Rodimus sketch shown previously.  It also features a retrospect on the Japanese series of Transformers from the 2010 cartoon series on.  The magazine also features an article on BotCon 2010 and the Transformers Hall of Fame inductee Hideaki Yoke.

You can view the images mirrored in our gallery, and discuss them on our boards.