Movie Prime Gets A Trailer! Chicago Photos of Autobots and More Hitting the Web!

{mosimage} Since Day 1 of Movie 1's filming, fans have been demanding that Optimus Prime get his classic trailer.  Now, with a set update from Chicago, we learn that OPTIMUS PRIME FINALLY HAS HIS TRAILER!  Will he combine with it?  Will it disappear when he Transforms?  Does it have four drones inside?  Who can say?  245AM at TFW grabbed a pic of the trailer, and adds some teasing new detail, including the Autobot lineup, and what appear to be Decepticon cars.  Read the set report and see the trailer image here, then run over to our forums to talk about it!


More and More Photos are hitting the web, not just of Prime's shiny new trailer, but of many of the cars used in the scenes including the Ferrari, Sideswipe, the Twins and more!  Find new images in our Chicago TF3 Filming Thread!