Come Play in the Allspark’s Toybox!

The Allspark Virtual Toybox is a fun interactive web application we've developed to allow you to play with Transformers figures on your computer screen! Originally conceived as a tool to allow users to compare the sizes of new toys to old ones, it's developed into much more, with features like backgrounds, zooming, and multiple toy poses. Use "Normal" mode to get measurements of figures and compare different figures by dragging them around on the screen. Use "Perspective" mode to set up a virtual toy display–it works great for when you've put a toy in storage but you want to see how it looks with a new one. Or use "Free Play" mode to size Transformer toys however you want, developing your own size charts or just having fun! Once you're done, you can use the "Share Link" to send your montages to friends or just to save your work to come back to later. Currently with nearly 100 different figures represented, the Allspark Virtual Toybox will hopefully become a resource as useful as or  Start playing with the Toybox, and discuss what you can do on our boards!