“Transformers” Deluxe Wave 3 Line-Up Revealed

{mosimage} Allspark sponsor Big Bad Toy Store has posted new pre-order pages for products from Hasbro. And amongst them is a new wave of Transformers 2010 Deluxe Class figures featuring Tomahawk, Terradive and Electrostatic Jolt! While there are no images just yet, fans have been itching to know more about Tomahawk and Terradive since they appeared in Jetblade's bio. So at least now we know their size class!

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Hi – just a quick note – Hasbro sent out the latest offerings today and we have some new preorders listed.  No images yet, but we hope to have them soon:

GI Joe Figures – Wave 02 – Dusty, Jungle Viper, Recondo, Snake Eyes, Destro, Zartan

GI Joe Bravo Vehicles – Wave 02 – Cobra Fury & Vamp 4×4

GI Joe Alpha Vehicles – Wave 02 – AWE Striker and Cobra Ice Cutter

Transformers 2010 Deluxe – Wave 03 – Tomahawk, Electrostatic Jolt, Terradive