“Transformers” Axor Revealed!

{mosimage} Allspark user What's The Go? has comes across something rather interesting on Hasbro's new Hunt For The Decepticons website. After inputting the code that came with her Sea Spray (01865811021648) she unlocked a Flash game of Bumblebee racing a Decepticon named Axor. It had long been speculated based on a retail store computer entry and as well as incorrectly drawn instruction sheets that Axor would be a redeco of Revenge of the fallen Lockdown with a new head sculpt. Well, guess what? He is! It looks as though Axor will be a white, blue, gold and red repaint of the surly bounty hunter, and his head sculpt is very reminiscent of the G1 "Axer" Actionmaster figure!

Click here to see What's The Go?'s post with screen grabs from the game!