Titan Magazine 2.14 Out!

{mosimage}Titan Magazine 2.14 is out in the UK! In this story, Stratosphere has to learn the hard way of fighting combat on the ground and to compound his survival, there's a Decepticon operation on rebuilding and reactivating Devastator!

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Here is some of the awesome artwork from the latest Transformers comic,
issue 2.14, on sale today!

STRATOSPHERE ­ head in the clouds, that¹s Stratosphere all over. He¹s in his element at high altitude but unversed in ground combat. So, when his wings are clipped on a routine reconnaissance mission in the Cascades, Stratosphere must learn the hard way, from scratch if he¹s to survive and report back. Especially as he¹s learned of a Decepticon operation to rebuild/reactivate Devastator!

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