Star Wars Q&A Answers!

{mosimage}Hasbro has responded to the Star Wars Q&A and here are their answers!

1) In the promotional images for the Force Unleashed Star Wars 5-packs, we see two separate Shadow Stormtroopers — one for each pack. The first is translucent, while the other is opaque with a removable helmet. However, now that they're showing up in stores, both packs have the same translucent Trooper. What was the reason for this change? And will we see the tooling for the removable helmet Trooper's "ski-mask" head sculpt used elsewhere?

The original intent was to give a different version of the Shadow Storm in each set, and so we had developed two versions of the phased trooper. However, Lucasfilm did not like the second version (that you mentioned) and we had to make a last-minute change and made them the same.

2) Ahsoka Tano has given us our very first female Crossovers toy. Are there any more plans to create more transforming female characters?

Right now, Ahsoka is the first and only female Star Wars Transformers figure planned.

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