Possible New Redeco of Energon Scorponok?!

{mosimage}s250 has updated his Twitter page with some information about the giant Scorpion figure he mentioned earlier in the year.  He updates saying it's a redeco of Energon Scorponok.  Could this be an upcoming exclusive for Generations or Transformers line?  Bear in mind that neither line currently has an Ultra size assortment so this item most likely is an exclusive from Hasbro or TakaraTomy.  Also no word on if this version will use the changes made to it from the Cybertron release (to be compatible with a Cyber Key) or the Energon version of the mold.

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**UPDATE**  s250 later mentions the item is limited to 1,000 pieces. So the item is either a TakaraTomy special release or possible BotCon or Fan Club Exclusive.