Hasbro’s Answers for Round 2 of the Transformers Q&A Have Arrived!

{mosimage} Hasbro has just send back their answers for the second round of the Transformers Q&A for 2010! The questions that the Allspark.com submitted were:

1) Can you share any information about the future of the Transformers: Generations line? Just what exactly is it set to include? Could things like the unreleased Animated figures such as Blackout, Wingblade Prime, Hydrodive Bumblebee, Wasp or Vortex Blurr be included? What about U.S. versions of Henkei Thundercracker, and Dirge (Since we have already heard of a Red Alert)?

2) A while back you told us in several Q&A answers that Hasbro had the story of Primus' Original Thirteen Transformers all planned out (giving us hints like "only 7 of the 13 were named Primes," and "one of the 13 was an important female warrior.") We were told to stand-by to learn more about this mysterious legendary era of Cybertron soon. It's very exciting to hear there's a plan for this mysterious and important piece of Transformer "history," would you be able to give us any hints now on where (what format) and when you plan on telling this epic story? 

To find out what Hasbro has to say about each – including a hint about original 13 members possibly appearing in animation – click here!