Don Murphy On “TF3”

{mosimage} Transformers film producer Don Murphy has dropped off a trademarked Sunday Posting on his message board! It covers his current projects, including Splice, Real Steel – and Transformers 3. He says to look for new and familiar faces, and his thoughts on Megan leaving. Read the full posting and discuss here!

Hey Stooges-

Remember when we would do Sunday Postings EVERY Sunday? I wouldn’t say those were the “good ol’ days” because we had people like Reggie and Bowspearer here stirring up jive. Nowadays though we’re lucky if we get a Sunday Posting every 4 months. But I am proud of what we have built here, a community of maniacs who love movies and love the movie making process. is one part Wikipedia army, one part Transformers collectors extraordinaires, one part friends I have made and twelve parts lunatics arguing about film piracy and Polanski’s butt piracy. And I would not have it any way! Love and thanks to each and every one of you.

→ SPLICE has opened in the US to some of the best reviews of the season. It is a pretty hugged up movie. The box office totals could have been higher, but this seems to be the summer of no movie going. Oh well. Fact is, the other three movies that opened against us are on track to lose money, and Splice, made for only $27m with a lot of tax rebates on top has already made money. The reason Susan and Guillermo and I got involved in Splice in the first place was the vision of Vincenzo Natali. He is a major talent and THE nicest person who ever walked the earth. His CUBE rocks the house. We wanted to bring him “back” and help get his career back on track. SPLICE does that and more. In addition, we got to work with Joel Silver, Andrew Rona and the amazing Warners marketing team. They were amazing, hard working, talented and a joy to watch. The whole SPLICE story has been a Cinderella story we are all extremely proud of. Check it out when you can!

→ TRANSFORMERS 3 is starting its third week of shooting. As you guys know, everything on this movie is super top secret., but it is going very well and I think you will all be stoked to see old favorites and new characters coming at ya. You know I liked the second film a lot- that said the new screenplay brings back the sense of awe and wonder that made the first film so exciting and special. It’s a shame that Megan didn’t work out but with what Michael has planned you won’t miss her. There is still a hell of a lot of shooting to go and you don’t need me the way you guys dig up clues and jive- suffice it to say NEXT Fourth of July you guys will be excited again. I personally can’t wait.

→ REAL STEEL- Boxing Robots. The great Hugh Jackman. Evangeline “Lost” Lilly. A great little cute kid. The talented director behind the Nights at the Museum. Steven Spielber presents. Short story by Richard Matheson from the Twilight Zone. Susan and Don producing. ColdasIce working on the staff. What more do you want? A Thanksgiving 2011 release? Done. Robots fighting to the death? Done. Toys and videogames? jive yeah. The VFX team from AVATAR? Oh yes! I hear you- when does this start shooting? NEXT WEEK!

→ Upcoming news… so much to tell y’all, but not ready yet. Guillermo back in LA and ready to work… Susan and Don marching to conquer TV and doing four deals in two months (Huzzah!)… a big 80s Franchise that will make you smile… a Sci fi classic redone with modern FX…

Life is Good. Be kind to one another, be rough to our enemies and enjoy films. Remember- It isn’t true till you see it on the screen!

Don Murphy
Under Dust
June 6, 2010 A.D.