Chara Hobby, Tokyo Toy Show 2010, and Toy Hobby Figures

{mosimage}Good luck finding these guys! From the August issue of Dengeki Hobby, previews of upcoming exclusives at the International Tokyo Toy Show 2010 – running from July 15 to July 18, 2010 – and Chara Hobby AND from Toy Hobby! From the Tokyo Toy Show, Elite Guard-deco Prowl, G2 repaints of Mindwipe, Skystalker, and Dreadwing as Smokescreen. From Toy Hobby, Galaxy Force (Cybertron) Primus 2010 Edition. From Chara Hobby,  "Sons of Cybertron" set Clear Convoy and Clear Henkei Rodimus. The Toy Show exclusives will be available on July 17 and July 18 at Takara's booth, as well eHobby starting July 22 6pm Japan Time, Prowl for 2500 yen and the others 5500 yen; Primus, at 9450 yen is scheduled for an October 2010 release; and "Sons of Cybertron" will be available on August 28 or August 29 for 5250 yen (if sold out on the 28th, there will be none on the 29th). Keep in mind that both Toy Show and Chara Hobby figures WILL BE LIMITED.

And finally, EZ Collection #4 at 525 yen per piece:

  • Animated Optimus Gold Version
  • TFA Optimus Elite Guard Ver.
  • TFA Bumblebee Elite Guard Ver.
  • TFA Prowl Elite Guard Ver.
  • Movie Bonecrusher
  • Movie Scorpnok
  • Movie Brawl
  • Movie Ravage

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