BotCon 2010 Final Day! Hasbro Designer Panel – The Good Stuff!

{mosimage}Last day of BotCon 2010 and here is one of THE most anticipated panels: Hasbro Designers! While some people were disappointed by yesterday's lack of news from the two Hasbro panels, it needs to be reiterated that they ALWAYS tell Swoop good part on Sunday. In 2005 it was the big reveal of Classics Starscream and Megatron; 09 saw the unveiling of Leader Starscream. This year, we've had teases of the Power Core Combiner Dinobots team, but what else is yet to come? Read up what they have to say on the toy designs! Eric Siebenaler, Bill Rawley, Joe Kyde, Lenny Kanziga, Yake-San (Designer from TakaraTomy joing Hasbro team for seven weeks), with new designers Chris Oliveri and Lenny Panzica!

  • Hasbro will be releasing G1 Legends characters- Optimus, Starscream, Megatron (a GUN to scale with Masterpiece Starscream)
  • HTFD Scout Class Windcharger, very G1 design
  • Darkmount redeco coming: PRETENDER SKULLGRIN
  • Deluxe Thunderwing, with a reimagining of his Pretender shell's jet mode as a drone
  • WFC Cliffjumper (WfC Bumblebee repaint)
  • Generations Tracks (likely redecoed into Wheeljack), Perceptor (to be remolded into REFLECTOR, halftrack pickup like on Animated, chest opens to reveal scanning hardware), Fallback (ROTF Brawn redeco, Outback colors), and JAZZ
  • Voyager Lugnut – Possible redeco into Jhiaxus! Another Animated continuity migrant, big WWII bomber jet alt mode.
  • Universe Inferno into Grapple. New head, crane boom added
  • New PCCs: Skyhammer with Airlift- Airlift becomes Skyhammer's helmet. Heavy Tread with Ground Spike- tank and turret
  • DINOBOTS. Lead by Grimstone the Styracosaurus, in G1 colors. Pachycephalosaurus, Dimetrodon (NOT A DINOSAUR!), Parasaurolophus, Ankylosaurus. Once again Hasbro denies us our Sauropods!
  • And here come the Dinobots! Lead by… Grimstone the STYRACHOSAURUS as in BW Neo Killerpunch, classic Dinobot colors
  • Aaron Archer taking the mic: "Once upon a time on Cybertron…"
  • Conceptual art for the original 13 Transformers:
  • Helllooo, Alpha Trion! Holding quill and book, with a halo. The definitive 13 are:
    * Alpha Trion knows everything that has happened and everything that will ever happen.
    * The Liege Maximo, the big bad from the G2 comics- the 13 will all be based on characters in Greek myth.
    * Vector Prime is the third. Will now be depicted in gold; holds sway over time and space
    * Prima is the fourth, the First Prime. Warrior of Light
    * Megatronus. Big and black. The warrior of Darkness. Big cannon. Red and black. Head is Decepticon emblem (vs. Vector's autobot head). And he's The Fallen.
  • Battle Ops Leader Bumblebee has a great Easter Egg: Keep hitting his buttons and you get the original theme song. Do it again, next verse. Sort of like the Bumblebee Hand Cannon playing The Touch

Q&A time!

  • 3rd Party Stuff – Hasbro can't foresee everything, and sometimes third party items come along that mimick stuff that they plan on putting out
  • Bill Rawley informs us that we shall be once again graced by his crotchetiness, KUP, in the future! Quote: "…got some great stuff we couldn't show you coughkupcough…"
  • The designers want to include some humans, and bring back the Cassettes in updated forms
  • Eric Siebenaler is really fond of Prime Bulkhead.
  • "Beast Wars would be nice to revisit." -Aaron Archer
  • Movie Ferrari guy – not telling who.
  • WFC Trypticon and Omega – nothing on the table yet.
  • On the ossibility of larger PCCs, they'll cross the bridge when they come to it, with an offhand remark about WST combiners
  • More female toys in the future, wink wink.
  • Animated will probably not go further in Japan than it did in the US. i.e. no new molds for Takara's version
  • Hinting at the 13 is huge and Unicron has his own forces as well