BotCon 2010 Day 2: Transformers Collectors Club Roundtable

{mosimage}Here are the highlights from the Transformers Collector's Club Roundtable! Read up at our discussion thread!

  • Brian Savage, Larry Lathom, Pete Sinclair, Ben Yee, and Karl Hartman.
  • Discussed the development of the artwork for Punch/Counterpunch's boxes and the box set cover, as well the set decos/production process, the back and forth that goes into making the toys; advisory council picks toolings, characters, and then passes it on to Lanny Lathem
  • Showed off plastic colors for Clench/tool charts and photoshop mockups that they sent to get made. They asked about the sparkly plastic but Hasbro and the factories didn't flinch and went with it
  • Showed some of the first version of Clench, and some of the errors that popped up. There were a lot of glitches
  • Hardest thing: painting a molded plastic piece in the wrong color into the right color to match a plastic color
  • Some of the mistakes were fixed, such as the shield (initially black), although others weren't fixed (guns being purple when asked for black)
  • Clench: missiles were supposed to be black, ended up pink — they were moved to a different tool between this and the original Onslaught
  • The factories don't seem to help due to them giving out of date information on the Onslaught mold – FunPub got the initial charts but the charts were out of date after Hardhead
  • Brian and some of the other folks a little wary of the G2 theme to begin with, but they were eventually convinced that they were going to be awesome
  • They really like that these are things that can't be made at retail but are really good for the fans
  • Average paint applicationss apparently around 60-70ish, whereas Botcon apps may be upwards of 100
  • 2011 Free figure – RID Sideburn from Classics Hot Rod
  • 2011 1st Exclusive: G2 Ramjet
  • The original idea for this year was built on Actionmaster Thundercracker as the Freebie (Ramjet as part of 1 set)–but it was already used by Hasbro at the time for US seekers
  • 2011 2nd Club Exclusive: Animated Transtech Cheetor, new headsculpt based on comic and Draxhall Jump concepts, using Animated Blurr mold; they said they wanted to do a product you wouldn't see at retail, and a cheetah car was very high on the list

Questions and Answers

  • G2? Knew there was a nostalgia pool for it; looking around after AM Thundercracker wasn't available; wasn't even supposed to be a G2 theme per se, rather, let's pull from G2 and Europe from the same era, but G2 was the name to go with; story is a bridge b/w G1 and G2; also, caught in a difficult place with the available characters and toolings–"we make a whole lot of lemonade…"
  • Brian said that they were limited in what they can do, can't use molds or whatever Hasbro is planning, and that FP never had any plans to do the Seekers at the time.
  • Regarding what mold G2 Ramjet will be using, Classics Ramjet, as when this year's set was made at the time, Hasbro was going to do the Generations Seekers. As a club toy, it's alright since Hasbro won't be using the tool at the time.
  • G2 Sideswipe was never intended to be in the set in any form. Shawn, who did the customizing class, suggested they do Sideswipe and Brian knew in advance but didn't find out about the finished piece until 2 days before the con, and they admitted that it was bad logistically. They will consider doing G2 Sideswipe through the store, but not fully committed.
  • No, there is no Animated set for BotCon, since they're not touching the Animated universe at all
  • The planned big/non-deluxe exclusive from last year is still on the table, although there's no idea what it is.
  • Animated Shattered Glass? Slim to none
  • Robots in Disguise Optimus as Defnsor is not going to happen
  • Nexus Prime is no longer a TFCC character, Hasbro having taken ownership, so you won't be seeing him in the TFCC comics
  • On whether there will be Actionmaster Thundercracker from a Classics mold, G2 Ramjet is most likely their last exclusive from that mold. They will do more exclusives, just no more Seekers.
  • As to why there aren't any plans for a TFA set, they don't intend to touch the Animated verse at this time, they'll work out what the story behind using the Animated mold is further down the line, but not necessarily the Animated characters
  • On Nexus Prime, he's graduated to the main comics from the TCC comics, and Hasbro ownership means that they can use him in their own show or make their own figures when needed. We may see more of Aquarias
  • Fans Project and Fun Pub? Last time they commissioned a third party, it didn't work quite as well based on volume and sales. And there's not enough time to consider everything
  • Shattered Glass? Was originally Brian's idea for GI Joe but the Joe advisory people didn't really like it
  • FP folks said that they might not do troop builders every year if the set doesn't lend to them