BotCon 2010 Day 2: IDW Transforming Comic Books

{mosimage}And the final panel of today is from IDW Publishing! Ongoing, Ironhide, Sector 7, "TF: Prime" graphic novel, and more! Write your thoughts at the BotCon coverage thread!

  • Ongoing #9-12 – Mike Costa and Guido Guidi on art; Combaticons and an international incident
  • Conclusion of Ironhide; biggest showdown in any Transformers comic. #3 will bring in a major character
  • Transformers Drift – McCarthy and Milne, origins of Drift (out in September and October)
  • Nefarious: Magno and Furman, concludes in August
  • Next movie project is "TF: Sector 7", tracing the agency's origins from Megatron's discovery through the beginning of the first movie
  • Graphic Novel for "TF: Prime", first comic set in new Prime universe, October release
  • AllSpark Almanac II, showcasing profile pages for characters and covering some things that will never come out–such as triple changer Megatron (plane and tank) that won't see release

Opening things up

  • Coller is excited on Ironhide #4, having given quite a bit of leeway, and he went a bit crazy on the fight sequences. First two were setups, last two is the big payoff. He prefers to work from the toys when drawing
  • They're working on G2 TPBs (US), a possible volume 7 reprint
  • No plans on Evolution series (a'la Hearts of Steel) at the moment, since they're focusing on Prime and Ongoing right now, so no plans right now, but it's not completely off the table
  • New toys in IDW? Many of the writers like working with the characters they grew up with or feel have a history with the fandom and it also depends on artistic interpretation
  • No plans for any comic continuation of Animated at this time, and it's unlikely in the near future
  • Nefarious's ending will be self-contained
  • While there are plans for Galvatron (IDW Galvatron) in the Ongoing, it's pretty far off. He'll be coming and it's going to be big when he arrives.
  • They'll be working towards developing a more consistent approach to the artwork in the sense of a house style, although not quite completely limiting the styles of the artists
  • Regarding the trend in character minis instead of Spotlights, they prefer to take their time to characterize the characters over multiple issues
  • The reason for multiple covers? Because they like it. Going over to having just one cover at retail, and the retailer incentive
  • The LSotW team – Nick Roche, James Roberts, Josh Burcham – will be back for a new series but no word on what and too early to say. Also not confirmed if Nick and James will be doing a sequel to LSotW or just another project
  • Whether Jim Sorenson will do another Almanac, he replied that if the opportunity comes up for more a guidebook, he and Bill Forster will jump at the chance. This is in respect to other series, such as Beast Wars and Universe