Botcon 2010 Day 2: Hasbro Marketing Review and Q&A

{mosimage}Time for toys, toys, and more toys! Here's a rundown of the Hasbro Marketing Review panel! Head to our thread to voice your thoughts on the old, the new, and maybe a few "uh-oh"s!

  • Greg Lombardo, Eric Siebenaler, Bill Rawley, Matt Proulx, and Bryan Welken take center stage
  • Fall 2010 materials, and some reveals, talking about features and choices, more reveals at the Designer panel on 6/27
  • Hunt for the Decepticons
    * integrated with an online experience
    * Legends: Fireburst Optimus PRime, Cyberfire Bumblebee, Ravage, Rampage, Long Haul, Sandstorm, Tracker Hound, Override, Dust STorm, Tuner Skids
    * Scout: Hubcap, Brimstone — they want Hubcap as Big Daddy (can't get the name though), Crankstart, Backfire, Insecticon, Breacher, Firetrap, Sunspot
    * Deluxe: Ironhide, Battle Blade Bumbebee, Jetblade, Sea Attack Ravage, Sidearm Sideswipe, Hailstorm–he's kinda clumsy, that's why his weapons are over his shoulders and not in his hands, Elita-1, Tomahawk-liked the name so grabbed it, Terradive–redeco will have a new head (see it tomorrow, paint is for Greg Lombardo–Orange and Black), Electrostatic Jolt, Rescue Ratchet
    * Voyager: Seaspray, Autobot Ratchet, Payload, Battle Blades Optimus, Banzai-Tron, Highbrow (he'll be in the case later) is a prop plane with flight goggles over his eyes
    * Leader: Starscream, Optimus Prime (with the hooks)
    * Battle Ops Bumblebee
    * Human Alliance: Autobot Jazz & Captain Lennox, Mikaela (in a ponytail) & Sideswipe (in black)
  • Generations
    * Cybertronian Bumbleebee, Cybertron Optimus, Drift, Thrust, Cybertronian Megatron, Darkmount (alternate head and redeco ideas shown tomorrow), Cybertron Soundwave, Red Alert, Dirge, Blurr-IDW-ish head-big gun and little guns
  • Power Core Combiners
    * 2 pack: Huffer w/ Caliburst–trying to make Huffer cooler, Smolder w/ Chopster, Searchlight w/ Backwind, Icepick w/ Chainclaw, Leadfoot w/ Pinpoint, Windburn (heli redeco), Darkstream (Aeriel redeco), Steelshot (Combaticon redeco)
    * 5 pack: Bombshock (yes, Japanese names), Aerielbots, Doubleclutch (Rallybots), Mudslinger (destructicons), Stakeout (Protectobots, from Smolder mold), Crankcase (Destrons, Huffer mold, looks like Stunticons)

Time for Q&A

  • Generations? meant to be expansive (same stuff we've heard)
  • Power Core Combiner Dinbots will be revealed at tomorrow's Designer panel
  • On non-vehicular Transformers, bases, and Real-Gears, they'll follow where the story takes them
  • Regarding Voyager Ratchet repaints, it's due to timing issues
  • On clearing up the pack-in instructions, they're working on improvements, but due to the development schedule, they tend to roll out later
  • Robot Heroes? not in the fall product line, not something pursuing right now
  • Recon Ravage promotion stickers? those stickers only work for that promotion, aren't going be used in the future
  • Huffer is the only known heritage character in PCC
  • Hasbro-branded batteries? Don't know if they'll keep doing it, but originally a purposeful thing (that question: what?)
  • PCC fiction? fiction is expansive and to be revealed, e.g. groups like Aerialbots are fleets, armadas, not just those 5 guys we knew
  • Animated Exclusives: looking for ways to get them out as exclusives, but it's difficult; no easy way of getting them out right away
  • Exclusives in general: trying to make them look different, tell a mini-story
  • Bludgeon? They needed a new tank in the assortment, need to balance over the year, so looking for something from the history of Transformers in a cool way
  • Prowl Mighty Mugg is SDCC exclusive
  • Joe Kyde designed much of Generations, but team effort
  • No Movie Scrapper due to not wanting too many similar vehicles come out at the same time and they didn't want to load the pegs with construction vehicles
  • Yes, they're aware of quality control and working with the manufacturers to rectify it