BotCon 2010 Day 1: TCC Magazine and Comic Q&A Roundup

First panel of BotCon 2010, TCC Magazine and Comic Q&A! Here's a bit of a roundup:

  • Greg Sepelak, Trent Troop, Drew Eiden, Pete Sinclair, and our own Jesse Wittenrich
  • 1-2 more prose stories tying into the Wings-verse this year ("Wings of Honor" from BotCon 2009)
  • Diamond Edition of this year's BC10 comic will include: new content including a 24th page that "answers a question about a character" and a new Alex Milne cover variant
  • More revealed on "the mysterious Sky-Byte" this coming fall
  • On this year being called G2 Redux: "G2 and the European Exclusives was a clunky title, so…."
  • Shattered Glass: Transhuman is delayed a bit, but there will also be one more SG-verse story after that.
  • And since IDW is working on the Wreckers, FP won't be touching them

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