AllSpark Almanac II Used Art

{mosimage}With BotCon 2010 practically around the corner, Jim Sorenson has posted up one more teaser to the AllSpark Almanac II! The previous blog's post consisted of images that didn't make the final cut. This time, we get to see teasers that DID make it. Two seem rather familiar, such as T-AI from "Robots in Diguise" (or Ai from "Car Robots") and what looks like a Dark Guardian variant of Omega Supreme. Context for those two, however, may be different than what they appear at first glance. Also up is what looks like what could either be a rather complex space map or a head-scratching character relationship chart.

Check it out at Jim's blog, and don't forget to catch him at BotCon 2010 this weekend! The AllSpark Almanac II hits shelves next Wednesday, June 30, 2010.


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