TF3 Update: Filming in LA and Whitley

{mosimage}Geccha Transformers 3 news! From TF Live Action Movie Blog, two folks caught footage of director Michael Bay filming in Downtown Los Angeles that involved a car flipping over, one citing that he saw the Autobot twins "zooming around. Apparently, one or both of them will transform and beat the crap out of this tiny little car. Totally awesome." The mention of twins would indicate the return of Skids and Mudflap. Also in/out LA, a fan Tweeted that filming also occurred in Sherman Oaks, including simulated gunfire, courtesy of Melody Mooney. Second on filming is that actress Kim Whitley tweeted about working on Transformers 3.

Working on Transformers 3 today, a little nervous…always when starting a new project. I have said the Lords prayer 12 times.

Check the links at the TF LAM for the videos, Whitley's Tweet, Melody Mooney's Tweet, and sound off here!