TF3: Prime… and a Repainted Ratchet?!

{mosimage}The film folks said that the Transformers in Transformers 3 will be going through design tweaks. We've already seen glimpses of Bumblebee's new look for his alt-mode. This time, we might add Ratchet to that list! Staci424 on her Twitpic and TweetPhoto has snagged two shots of Optimus, one with what looks like a repainted Ratchet in new colors! According to Staci424:

"Look what was parked at th lake this wkend. Its vehicles from the Transformers movie! He is a driver for Paramount."

Check the duo out here, and the solo Optimus here! Voice your thoughts at our discussion thread! Credit: TFW, TFLAMB, Staci424


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