TakaraTomy Website Updates: Unicron, Animated, Device Label

{mosimage}TakaraTomy has updated their product websites with new entries for their 2010 celebration page, their Animated page, and their Device Label page.  The updates give us a better look at the 2010 Special Edition Unicron, which includes our first look at his Micron Bug, his Planet Mode, as well as his Chaos Bringer Chest Missile.  The Animated website now features the first actual images of the Japanese versions of Jetfire, Jetstorm, Voyager Skywarp, Activator Thundercracker, and Activator Soundblaster (a gray & red redeco of Activator Soundwave).  Also the Device Label site now features a page for USB Hub Broadlblast.

You can continue the discussion about Unicron here, and discuss the Animated & Device Label pages here.