New Information About Botcon 2010 First 100 Pins

{mosimage}Pete @ Botcon stopped by to give us some info about the new registration system and also revealed some information regarding the first 100 pins for attending and non-attending Primus Packages registrants.  Here's what he had to say:

"There will be a set amount of non-attending packages set aside for when that part of registration begins.

We are making an additional 50 "first 100 pins" for the non-attending packages. So now it is a first 150.

The price of the online registration will drop next year. Once the cost of the system has been covered we will charge a maintenance fee that will, again, be much less.

Another reason we are holding off on the printable forms is because there is no easy way to reconcile those forms with forms that are faxed. Online forms take priority when it comes to classes, tours, first 150 and so on."

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