Minor Revelations About Transformers: Prime

{mosimage} For GI Joe fans, you probably already knew that this weekend was GI Joe Con. And that means a chance for Hasbro to talk about its future endeavors…Even those outside of the GI Joe brand!

When talking about the new GI Joe Renegades cartoon, Hasbro let a few pieces of information about Transformers: Prime slip. Here's what our very own Powered Convoy had to say about the discussion:

This is true for the Joe Renegades cartoon too, that they are looking to write and develop stories that lead up to other events/stories that tie into events that happen seasons later. The creative staff said the intention is that (if the shows are popular enough to viable) that they are planning four or five seasons ahead – that the stories and characters will continuely develop and grow over (hopefully) many seasons. That character is extremely important and things that happen episode to episode still happened the next episode (that there are repercusions).

So if popular it seems TF Prime and G.I. Joe Renegade will be running continously for the forseable future – with a lot more to be revealed at Botcon (for TF Prime).

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