Japan’s Animated Volume 1 DVD Scheduled Release on August 6

{mosimage}For those Transformers importers with players that can play Region 2 DVDs, mark your calendars! Paramount Japan has scheduled August 6, 2010, to be the release date for volume 1 of Animated on DVD! This disc contains the first four episodes that aired on TV Aichi and TV Tokyo: "Transform and Roll Out" and "Sound and Fury" (retitled "The Great Sound Wave Operation" in Japan). Limited editions will include a Transformers card that can be used on Sega's TF card game machines. Boxart isn't final, so there might be changes as August 6 comes closer. Price is set at 3,129 yen, about $37 USD.

Head to TFA's DVD page, Paramount Japan's detail page on the DVD, and talk about it here! Credit: Naoto Tsushima