Hunt for the Decepticons, Start!

{mosimage}Hasbro has geared up the Hunt for the Decepticons campaign that'll begin in early June!

The AUTOBOTS have formed a secret alliance with humans to protect Earth from the DECEPTICON threat. Some troubling signs indicate that the DECEPTICONS are preparing to strike:

Several meteors have breached the atmosphere and seem to be aiming for different parts of the globe. The AUTOBOTS have also picked up increased communication signals from SOUNDWAVE but are unable to break the CYBERTRON-encrypted code.

Strange reports have appeared in various media. Among others a TV news report showed an unusual white muscle car in the northern jungle parts of Thailand heading toward China.

Sensing trouble, OPTIMUS PRIME keeps the AUTOBOTS on the highest alert.

Check back in early June to see how you can help the AUTOBOTS!

Check back here to check or as summer creeps closer!