Did Bay Give Megan the Boot?

{mosimage}A ripple is spreading across the internet, as if a million young teenage boys cried out in horror, then were suddenly silenced. Deadline.com is reporting that Michael Bay has deemed Megan Fox no longer awesome enough to be in his films, and has tossed her from the third Transformers film! Is Shia LaBeouf going to be lonely and single now that he'd finally won her love in Revenge of the Fallen? Or is this just a rumor spread by jealous actresses who would like to take her slot in the biggest blockbuster of next year? Keep in mind we've already seen Fox what appears to be on-set once, next to Bumblebee. TF Live Action Movie Blog also calls out on this, citing points on how the rumor doesn't add up. So who's telling the truth? Read the original report, then weigh in on our forums!


Entertainment Tonight is now claiming Paramount is confirming this rumor, alongside Access Hollywood! Did Mikaela bite the big one?