Casey Coller on Transformers: Ironhide #1, Break from Interior Art

{mosimage} Transformers artist Casey Coller has updated his deviantArt page with a brief introduction to the Transformers: Ironhide comic book mini-series starting this week.

Without giving away any spoilers, I can say that by the end of this series, it's going to be very clear exactly why he [Ironhide] is one of the Autobots' greatest soldiers. But he's not suddenly portrayed as an infallible super-robot for the sake of this story. Mike kept very true to the guy we all know, true to both his strengths and weaknesses. But he's not just the guy that's standing around talking tough and punching things while the real heroes get the glory. This is his moment. This is Ironhide. A fallen hero. One of the Autobots' greatest soldiers. 

Also, the artist goes on to say that this will be his last interior art for the time being. However, he's still open for cover and profile images for the Transformers Collectors' Club.

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