BotCon Online Pre-Registration Test


Brian Savage of Fun Publications has posted up a test link for BotCon 2010's online pre-registration, however this is NOT an actual registration to this year's BotCon itself, so don't use a real credit card – THIS IS A TEST.

In order to do the final testing, we need your help. We have posted a test event at Please go to this site and walk through the registration system. Feel free to try variation you find. It is very complicated code but the interface is very simple. If you get a cold fusion error and the Accufind screen comes up, you don't need to send in an email as that will generate an automatic email to the programer. If you have comments or suggestions please use the email link at the bottom of the page.

You can put anything in the credit card and note that it will throw a warning that your order is not finished. This is normal as it is not processing credit cards, so don't use a real one as the secure socket is not turned on.

Please note that IN NO WAY are you registering for BotCon with this test event.

Sound off any errors or difficulties at this thread.