Botcon 2010 T-Shirts Revealed!

{mosimage} The Transformers Collectors' Club has sent out a new email. While it delivers the bad news that it will be at least another day until registration, it also give us a look at the convention t-shirt, which will be available for order on the registration!

Read on to see the shirt, as well as what the TCC/Fun Publications have to say about it!


Well, another day of testing has gone by.  No registration today but it is looking really good now.  We will see tomorrow.

However, we have decided to test pre-selling the BotCon T-Shirts to see how that impacts package pick-up at the show.  For those of you who are coming the show, you will be able to order your T-Shirt with your package and pick them up together. 

Please note that in the registration system, in order to not delay the system from coming online even later, we had to put the T-Shirts in a weird part of the new system. These will be listed under the Daily Events on Friday.  The date does not mean anything as you will pick up your shirt when you receive your registered guest package starting on Thursday.  Also the times listed in the T-Shirt Daily Event have no meaning either.  The shirts will come in adult sizes from XXXL-Small $22/$20.  The fronts will be printed in NEON ink and will glow under a black light!  They are really cool!  Check out the picture below and order yours when you register for BotCon 2010!