WIN STUFF: The Legend of the Seeker

Our fourth and final contest for May is upon us!  Draw, sketch, or even photograph ROTF Ransack for a chance to get a scout-class Ransack!  Contest ends Saturday Night, so get to it!  Click here for entries and for official rules .



The Contest
Legend of the Seeker – He is a Legend among the Decepticon forces, an ancient Seeker, sent by the Fallen himself to scour the Earth. Show Ransack some respect – participate in this months art contest, and draw up your best image of Ransack.

The Prize
The community-selected winning artist will receive a Scout-Class Ransack!


Draw* everyone's favorite off-screen RotF Seeker in all his glory…Or well the leftover glory from Jetfire. Then post your submission here, and the winner will be announced during Week #4 of our Month of Contests! The winner will be chosen the same way as all previous monthly art contests, through a community-wide vote. Submissions are due by MAY 1st!

*We want to be fair, so we will accept photo-manipulation as well. However, it must be something more extensive than a blurry web cam photo of Ransack acting silly. Gussy up that photo and make it look presentable. For inspiration, take a look at Hasbro's publicity images for RotF toys: HA Sideswipe Optimus Prime Devastator

And good luck!