War for Cybertron Information from Game Informer Article

{mosimage} Allspark staffer Cheetimus has managed to get a good look at the latest issue of Game Informer that has an extensive article on War For Cybertron. What does the article have to say? A lot! It gives a great in-depth account of a demo the magazine had available to play, and well as some new specifics on how the multiplayer mode(s) will work!

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General info and single player details:
-War For Cybertron takes place on Cybertron – Decepticon faction pursues order at any cost, Autobots freedom and personal expression
-Creates new canon – like the first time Bumblebee and Optimus meet
-Story told in two compaigns; Autobot and Decepticon. Decepticon is prequel to Autobot campaign
-Both campaigns have three-player drop-in/drop-out co-op with three-character pool
-For single player, remaining robots are AI
-Demo shown to Game Informer included Optimus, Bumblebee and Ratchet
-Each character has distinct abilities, two for robot, one for vehicle.
-One of the two robot abilities is consumable – requiring collection of energon shards to replenish.
-The other robot ability has a cooldown timer.
-The vehicle mode ability recharges differently depending on the robot.
-Optimus' abilities are Warcry, Dash and Ram
-Warcry is consumable – increases offense and defense abilities of Optimus and characters around him.
-Dash is cooldown – quick movement for extra maneuverability
-Ram is vehicle ability – burst of speed that inflicts heavy damage on opponents.
-Demo took place in Iacon, Optimus learns of Zeta Prime's defeat and decides to take temporary leadership.
-Objectives are to get defensive weapons back online to hold off Decepticons
-Health regen, weapon swapping, contextual cover systems feel like Gears of War
-Next, player gets trapped in a circular arena with a Decepticon War Machine.
-Player avoids a continuously advancing laser while targeting weak points on the machine.

Multiplayer details:

-Five-on-five battles or a 10-player free for all.
-Customize your own player – decide between Scout, Leader, Scientist, or Soldier.
-Alt mode varies depending on each class – cars, trucks, jets or tanks, respectively
-Can pick your own chassis, colors, and name. There are multiple chassis for each class.
-You also pick a custom weapon, two special abilities based on your class type, and upgrades.
-There are three upgrade slots, each can hold six offensive, defensive and "general" aids.
-Offensive and Defensive aids are specific to class type, and general upgrades are available for all classes.
-Example, scout class upgrade may be speed, with a general upgrade of reduced recoil.
-Call of Duty-like rewards system unlocks upgrades and new abilities.
-Game modes: Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, Power Struggle (Capture the Flag), Code of Power (2 1/2 minute rounds where teams fight for a giant melee weapon).
-More multiplayer modes to be announced soon.