Updates on Auto Assembly 2010

{mosimage}For those living or heading to the UK between August 12 and August 16, 2010, here's a quick heads up! For comic book fans, ready to have clean clothes to avoid having them Wrecked by Nick Roche, guest number 10 at Auto Assembly 2010! Additional guests include:

  • Animated lead character designer Derrick J. Wyatt
  • Voice actor Gary Chalk
  • Comic writer Simon Furman
  • Artist Guido Guidi
  • Artist Liam Shalloo
  • Artist Simon Williams
  • Artist Kris "Drivaar" Carter
  • Artist Jason Cardy
  • Kat Nicholson

And one more voice actor that they haven't revealed yet! Furman will also be supplying the script for the voice actor drama, as well hosting a comic workshop alongside Roche. Catch up on the updates at Auto Assembly's homepage and read up at Furman's blog!