TakaraTomy’s 4/24/2010 Figures Now Shipping!

{mosimage}Japanese based retailers are now receiving TakaraTomy's April 24th, 2010 releases.  These releases contain mostly Animated figures, of interest to a lot of fans will be Takara's release of Animated Arcee.  Arcee replaces Hasbro's black with maroon/brown and adds some additional details on the chin and feet, among other differences such as the Autobot symbols.  You can view the listing of the items released below, discuss the news on our forums, and keep up to date with TakaraTomy's release schedule here.

RotF EZ Collection Vol.3
RotF RA-31 Mudflap & Simmons – 5,000 Yen
Animated TA-12 Arcee – 2,415 Yen
Animated TA-13 Blitzwing – 3,780 Yen
Animated TA-14 Shockwave – 3,780 Yen
Animated TA-15 Lugnutz – 3,780 Yen
Animated TA-16 Soundwave – 2,415 Yen
Animated Prowl VS Blitzwing – 5,700 Yen
Animated Ironhide VS Soundwave – 5,700 Yen