MP-4S Masterpiece Convoy Complete Sleep Mode?!

{mosimage}In one of the more baffling (or depending on your opinion, expected) moves by TakaraTomy, they've updated their 2010 product page with a preview of their latest Masterpiece redeco – MP-4S Convoy Complete Sleep Mode!  This version of Convoy (or Optimus Prime) represents the iconic hero after he has lost his life due to the battle between him and Megatron in the 1986 film Transformers:  The Movie.  This version of Convoy is a redeco to recreate the pivotal scene as he passes on the Matrix of Leadership as well as updated accessories and trailer.  Also of note is TakaraTomy's new product page is 2010 themed to represent the third season of the original Transformers cartoon.  Can more 2010 / Season 3 related merchandise be on the way?  TakaraTomy's website seems to indicate so with it's 'Products' page.

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, thanks to Chris McFeely for the news.