April, Month of Contests Week Two!

{mosimage} I am Wreck-Gar! I am good for one thing…giving away toys! And the toy we're giving away this week is A BOARD WITH RUSTY NAIL THROUGH IT!

No, that doesn't sound right…What else do I have in here? Shoe, potato, sock, old bicycle with one tire, foot sore cream… That's it! We're giving away an Animated Activators Sore's Cream…er, STARSCREAM!

All you have to do is Ask Wreck-Gar one of your burning questions. The trick of this being that it has to be the most creative, interesting and HUMOROUS question you can think of that's still related to Transformers. Wreck-Gar will choose the best of the best and announce the winner next week… Hey, waitaminute… I am Wreck-Gar! Oh, wow, I'd better get to work!

Good luck with the contest, I'll be here waiting for… Oh, hey! A shiny penny! Hello, Mr. Lincoln, YOU'RE my favorite President!

There's only one day left, and plenty of opportunities to enter!  Get off your lazy servos and send me a line yo!

 Umm…. buy!  No, bay!  No, bye?

Since Wreck-Gar got distracted, here are some more details on the contest.

Entries can be submitted to Master Fwiffo or any Allspark Staff Member through PM. Entries will be taken until next Saturday, April 17th at Noon. The winner will be announced Sunday April 18th.

Submissions: Each entrant send in one question for the esteemed Wreck-Gar. This question should be clever, interesting, creative, and/or humorous. The winning entry will be judged by Wreck-Gar (AKA, the Allspark staff).

Prize: Winning entrant will receive one (1) Animated Activators Starscream.