April is the Month of Contests!


We at the Allspark are declaring April the Month of contests! We're giving you four chances to participate and win some great toys from 2009, one each week!  The first contest kicks off tomorrow with the release of the latest Insider, so be ready!  Click here for more info, and here to discuss!

Week One: Cat in the NEST – Join Sideswipe in the hunt for Ravage. Search the latest issue of the Allspark Insider, find all 15 Symbols, and tell us where they are for a chance to win a Deluxe Sideswipe!

Week Two: Who's this Starscream guy anyway? – Our new resident expert-on-everything Wreck-Gar is getting annoyed by one particularly obnoxious Decepticon! Ask Wreck-Gar the funniest, wittiest, most clever question you can for a shot at an Animated Activator Starscream!

Week Three: Sam's Been Kidnapped! – The Decepticon's have grabbed Sam and hidden in the galleries. Track them all through the galleries, following the clues until you find them all – and Sam! The first person to find all the clues and Sam can win a Human Alliance Bumblebee!

Week Four: Legend of the Seeker – Start this one now! He is a Legend among the Decepticon forces, an ancient Seeker, sent by the Fallen himself to scour the Earth. Show Ransack some respect – participate in this months art contest, and draw up your best image of Ransack. The community-selected winning artist will receive a Scout-Class Ransack!

The Month of Contests kicks off tomorrow, with the release of the latest issue of the Insider, and winners will be selected at the end of every week. Good luck to all participants!