TV-Kun Info on Animated in Japan

{mosimage}Ready to have heads explode? Japanese children's magazine TV-Kun has a section covering Animated that'll soon air on TV Aichi in April and alongside the April 2010 issue of TV-Kun comes a DVD, featuring Optimus' Japanese voice actor (seiyuu in Japan), Hiroki Takahashi, narrating the introductory tale. Of note is that Masahiko Yamazaki, part of the marketing team from Takara, has mentioned several things. Namely: the possibility of releasing figures that were canceled on Hasbro's side (from a Figure King article, mind), Animated is set chronologically before movie-verse due to Optimus not being the Supreme Commander, Bulkhead's name change to Ironhide, and change in episode order. Thanks to TFW's Masabon and SydneyY for the translations!

Sound off your thoughts (if any left) at the thread here! Also, check out the scans of the April 2010 issue of TV-Kun courtesy of ModxToy, mirrored at our gallery! Credits: TFW2005, Modxtoy